I Vote Because

I VOTE BECAUSE promotes voter registration and election day turnout.

to May 6

I Vote Because ... (St. Louis)

  • 3146 Locust Street St. Louis, MO, 63103 United States (map)
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On Saturday May 5th & Sunday May 6th the I VOTE BECAUSE ... Campaign is coming to
St. Louis.

I VOTE BECAUSE promotes voter registration and election day turnout. Partnering with New York-based social justice group Proof, the legendary hip hop and jazz photographer Janette Beckman will shoot bold photographs of St. Louis influentials, celebrities and everyday citizens. These voters will be asked to share why, in their own words, voting is important to them.

Starting in September and into October, 2018, these portraits will be seen in communication materials throughout communities with historically lower voter registration and turnout. The portraits and their “I VOTE BECAUSE…” quote will be seen in bus and light rail stations, hanging in windows of local barbershops, in churches, schools, and community centers, and even as larger-than-life super-graphics wheat pasted onto walls of buildings in Midtown, The Grove, and around the city.

Later this summer, the Proof organization will take the voter registration and turnout strategies developed in St. Louis for deployment in communities across the United States. Milwaukee, WI, Jacksonville, FL and New York State are slated as the next communities for the I VOTE BECAUSE campaign, before it expands across the country.

Please select a 30 minute time slot on either Saturday or Sunday to have your photo taken.

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